12 comments on “Untitled Render 05 "Anything Test Man, Mi Clean Fi Mi Gun"

  1. do you have any idea what record this voice clip is from? this sample was used in a hip hop song 20 years ago and the source of the sample is still undiscovered. You may have uncovered one of the most sought after undiscovered samples in the history of hip hop

    • I know it’s from Black Moon’s “Black Smif-N-Wessun”. I know it’s a crazy sought after sample, and yes I did find the original on 12″ and sample it for this tune. I’m old skool though, find your own samples dude, that’s the magic.

  2. Tony… This sucks just like you reply to johnnymira. Go fuck yourself. DJ Shadow – Sent Them (feat. Asia Born) has a clear sample of this but it is still a mystery as to where it originally came from.
    PS I am gay

    • 1) You don’t ask someone where they got their samples. Poor very etiquette.
      2) Imagine insinuation that I don’t know the significance of the sample or that I stumbled upon it by mistake.
      3) I don’t care that you’re gay, everyone is welcome here.

  3. It sounds a lot like Burro Banton after listening to about twenty of his tracks, some I expected to hear the line come up next, same cadence, same timbre, same tone, even. But still elusive!

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