3 comments on “Vladislav Delay Full Discography

  1. Any opinion on whether the remastering is an improvement over the originals? That is, if you have both of any to compare.
    I’m always slightly dubious when I read something has been remastered, given how several releases I’ve bought from other artists earlier versions were better. Still, it’s a right bargain for the price.

  2. For everything that was originally released on CD, the mastering is the same (ie, pretty good). For the vinyl only releases (Kind Of Blue), the records have been ripped and remastered by VD (again, pretty good).

    • Good to know, thanks.
      Also was surprise to see in the Naima release notes ‘Edited at Bassdress’. Looks like you’ve been around for a while 🙂 Kind of curious now how that came about.

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