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  3. Hi, pretty good list, yeah. But everyone forgets The Buddha of Suburbia I’d say “Original CD release” for this one as well (74321 170042).

  4. Hi again, just a question regarding “Tonight”. You recommended the SACD for this title, but AFAICS, there’s no SACD for this album.
    I agree with almost all of your choices, so I’d be curious to know which version you prefer for Tonight. The original CD sounds quite bright/harsh on the drums to me, the bass is a bit dry, I hear a lack of roudness in the sound (bad 80’s digital mixing?). I also have the 1995 remaster, but I don’t think it sounds much better.
    (I don’t have an original LP for this, maybe it sounds better?)
    Thank you.

  5. Hi Tsomi,
    yes, I think you are correct – I have made a mistake there. I think I must have confused it with something else. I’ll update and correct the list this weekend.
    Anyway, every recording I have heard of “Tonight” sounds very similar, I’m assuming there may only be one master. The reason it sounds so bright, I think, is that this was the beginning of digital recording. Engineers were so used to the older analogue methods (generally having to max out the treble on each channel) that their work flow and habits spilled over to the newer equipment, where it wasn’t necessarily required. Plus they were likely indulging in the novelty of having a recordings bright, clear and hiss free for the first time. There are many more example of extremely bright recordings made in this era, they don’t seem to translate well now.
    Thanks again for the correct!

  6. Hello Tony, Glad to know about this information, in fact I am doing an extensive research in finding the very best pressing , earliest releases in this format, and of course the best sounding in a three-in-one pack which made me choose: conclusion: Not all of them are one hundred percent perfect, but they sound as close as the earliest copies on vinyl: In the vast majority the german releases are way ahead, with some exceptions, the others are the JPN for USA as a compliment.
    Thanks for your post.

    PD: Do not forget to mention the changesone and changestwo, they were mastered from the same releases respectively, and fame and fashion pressings were mastered too low. And again the West Germany pressings gain some credit as well


    • Hi Mario, I’ll need to check out the West German pressings, thank you for reminding me! Please feel free to share your list of what you consider to be the ‘best’ masters you’ve found so far.

      • and also this last compilation (Bowie’s fame and fashion) are mastered with the reverse channels from the track ‘golden years’ on…

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